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Bibis Persiska Matskola

My name is Haide Haghani. I was born in Tehran the Capital of Iran and learnt the tradition of Iranian cuisine culture and entertainment in my own mother and grandmother’s kitchens and homes where friends and family gathered on a regular basis. My family came from the North of Iran on the Caspian coast in “Rasht, recognised by UNESCO as one of the best places in the World as far as cookery is concerned”. My work in the past has been in running my own restaurants; however, I have wide experience in cooking and entertaining and maintaining the Iranian food culture in my own home.

As a result a number of friends expressed their interest in learning how to cook Persian food and in response to this I decided to start Bibis Persiska Matskola (Bibi being a name for ‘Grandmothers’ in Farsi and what I am called by my grandchildren).

I can host groups of 5 – 10 in my own home in Uttran, south of Stockholm or in your own homes, where in a few hours you will learn how to prepare and serve one full Iranian meal. Classes are held in an everyday kitchen in relaxed comfort without pressure and when the food is cooking and as the aroma fills the kitchen we will lay the table and chat to fill in any queries you might have and when ready you will see the presentation of the food which we will then sit and eat together. You will get step-by-step instructions to take home.

If you are vegetarian or have any food restriction or allergy we will accommodate your needs provided you let us know in advance.

Our aim is not only to give your taste buds a unique experience; but, to give you a whole cultural experience that you will cherish and want to repeat. Classes will be about 4 hours depending on how long we talk and include salads, side dishes, main course and sweet as well as tea brewed in traditional manner and soft drinks as required.

My cookery classes can be customised for parties between, 6 and 10 and are suitable for all skill levels. We can adjust to vegetarian and vegan requirements giving you the ideal occasion to indulge your love of food whatever your needs.

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